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Shopping basket with toxic goods showing what causes cancerWhen cancer hits you or someone you love, one of the first questions that you will ask is: What causes cancer? Can you cure cancer through diet or your lifestyle? Ask your doctor if the treatment he is offering will increase your survival time? It may seem that there are more questions than answers. No one has all the answers yet  but you may find useful hints and tips on this page.

You will need to learn about a disabled immune system, toxins, pathogens, the latest self-help treatments and cleansing. Researchers around the world are unanimous. Cancer is a process which ultimately causes a disabled immune system. It often starts with toxins like metals, chemicals and radiation that your body cannot dispose of. Pathogens set up shop in your organs for example: parasites like fasciolopsis buskii, the pancreatic fluke (Eurytrema) or the liver fluke (clonorchis sinensis), bacteria like H-Pylori, viruses such as the BX and BY viruses, SV40 virus, Human Papilloma virus and fungus like Candida or common baker’s yeast. There are also many other pathogens commonly found in cancer. Chemicals such as acrylamide, plastics and benzene are often an issue too. (Hulda Clark suggests Vitamin B2 helps for detoxifying Benzene.)

A defect in oxygen metabolism occurs in cancer.  Low energy levels set in due to a deficiency in ATP and damaged mitochondria. A diet that is empty of nutrients, full of processed food and harmful chemicals all adds up to the fact that you have given your body too much work to do. Inflammation has set in and needs addressing. You desperately need to absorb more oxygen into your cells in order to heal.


So when you’re looking for answers as to what causes cancer (no matter where it is in the body), you will need to learn how to repair a disabled immune system, halt tumour growth, contain the cancer so that metastasis doesn’t occur and block the tumours ability to grow new blood vessels to feed the cancer. You will also need to nudge your cells into a state where they can absorb more oxygen. Additionally, it’s important to clean up your kidneys, liver and bowel and give these organs the nutrients that they need to work efficiently on an ongoing basis.

According to the researcher Hulda Clark and other alternative health practitioners, including oncologists, doctors and toxicologists the following eight steps are the basis of any effective recovery plan. It’s a comfort to know that if you’re trying to understand what causes cancer, practical information is available from expert sources. (The Truth About Cancer and Cancer Tutor.)

Many researchers begin their research by asking the same question: What causes cancer? A sincere cancer researcher will want to understand all of the causes in order to learn which  substances and protocols are needed in order to repair the damage.  It won’t be all about making money from some new drug.  A ‘You Tube’ video that gives an overview of the causes of cancer by Dr. Patrick Kingsley is enlightening and helpful. So how do you restore your health? Here are some basic steps.

What Causes Cancer?  – 8  Steps To Restoring Your Health

  1. Stop eating sugar. Cancer feeds on sugar. Starve it of the energy it needs to live and proliferate. Carbohydratess and protein also make sugar in your body. Eat more organic green vegetables. Use extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil or organic butter from grass fed cows to replace empty calories and increase satiety. Avoid processed foods including white flour which contains bromine). Avoid glutamate as it is an excitotoxin. It also feeds cancer. Avoid anything soy (even organic). It contains glutamate.
  2. Avoid toxins and remove toxins, especially those in your mouth (radioactive substances in composite fillings also mercury in amalgam fillings). Hulda Clark links breast cancer to mouth issues. However, do step 3 before removing unnatural substances from your mouth to allow your organs to keep up with the removal. Chlorine in tap water can be a problem too. Avoid and remove heavy metals, plastics, PCB’s, benzene, azo dyes and asbestos. Avoid fluoride. (For an alternative toothpaste, mix a few drops of oregano oil with a couple of teaspoons of baking powder. Dip a dry toothrush in this mixture to clean your teeth.)  (The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers‘ by Dr. Hulda Clark, tells you how to remove these toxins and find replacement cleaners for your body and home. The Kindle version is useful as you can search for the specific issues that you have.)
  3. Cleanse your bowel, liver and kidneys with specific cleanses. Research Dr. Hulda Clark’s, ‘The Cure for All Diseaes pdf which contains instructions. This was the first of her books. Her research was ongoing. Her last book, ‘The Prevention and Cure of All Cancers’ contains the most recent information.  The Cure Video (Interview with Dr. Hulda Clark) will give you insight into what you are dealing with.
  4. Kill parasites, bacteria, viruses and molds. There are many natural substances which help with this. Hulda Clark’s herbal parasite cleanse is a good place to start. (A frequency generator can be a powerful tool in your search for what causes cancer. Look at a simple Rife machine called Spooky2 for an affordable way to find and kill pathogens in the body.) Pathogens can add to the toxic burden in your body and make you too acidic. Before your immune system becomes too disabled why not buy a frequency generator. It is a useful tool for discovery in your first aid kit. You can detect the exact frequencies of pathogens in your body so that you can kill them effectively. Retesting will ensure they have gone. Candida and moulds are usually involved in cancer so eat a very low carbohydrate and sugar free diet. Expect that you DO have Candida even if your doctor couldn’t find it. It knows how to hide and sap your energy. Bio magnetic therapy can also help by re-balancing your body’s acid-alkaline balance. Take specific Candida killing supplements such as probiotics to increase friendly bacteria in the gut. According to Hulda Clark amalgam fillings, yeast, Fasciolopsis Buskii, Clostridium and viruses all cause cancer to grow. (See ‘The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers’ by Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark.
  5. Take specific supplements (there are many) to help recover your immune system. Remove toxins, kill pathogens and help your body with the normal everyday tasks that it can no longer do on its own. (Make sure that they are as toxin free as possible.) Some supplements also target cancer cells specifically. Additionally, research:  EpiquercicanRigvir, Nascent iodine, Fulvic acid, Apricot kernels, Digestive enzymes, NT Factor, Resveratrol, Curcumin (turmeric), Essiac, MSM, Colloidal silver, Alpha lipoic acid, Glutathione, N-Acetyl Cysteine, COQ10, B6, Selenium, Chromium, Magnesium, Silica,  Liposomal Vitamin C, Citric acid, Wormwood,  Berberine, Modified Citrus Pectin ZeoliteFrankincense oil, Myrrh oil, homeopathic Mistletoe (Iscador), Phytobiologicals and enzymesEat highly nutritious organic food and concentrated nutrient supplements that are toxin free. Take 1/4 tsp bicarbonate of soda at night  if your body is too acid. (Killing pathogens increases acid levels in the body, so if you’re using a frequency generator, monitor your ph levels.) Check also for the MSM/Colloidal silver protocol. Papain capsules also helps remove excess ferritin. Papain is usually a component of enzyme supplements. If skin cancer is an issue take a look at curaderm, curcumin (turmeric) mixed with coconut oil, Asea Renu28 for topical use or liquid zeolite.
  6. Oxygenate your body. An ozone generator can help get extra oxygen into your cells and help remove harmful substances in your body. Investigate whether drinking ozonated water may help you. A side effect of drinking ozonated water is Vitamin E depletion so take Vitamin E three hours after drinking ozonated water. (I have had an ozonator for years and haven’t noticed any other side-effects.) Use a natural daylight lamp (must be 10,000 gauss at least according to Hulda Clark’s Syncrometer manual) to assist with removing the ferritin coating on your blood cells. Look for one with the largest surface area. Enzymes also help with this job. However, not all enzymes are effective enough. So if you buy a cheaper alternative you may need to take a lot of them to work. Use an Ionic foot spa twice a week for 30 minutes to help remove metals and other toxins. Buy an oxygen concentrator and an exercise bike to increase oxygen levels. If you can’t afford this system, buy an oxygen concentrator with an oxygen density of up to 90% and adjustable 1-5L. An oxymeter can help to measure your pulse rate. An exercise bike, rebounder or just exercising to raise your pulse rate to 110 bpm can help. Running fast on the spot should do it. This floods your body with extra oxygen. You will notice on the oxymeter that when your pulse rate rises high enough your oxygen levels suddenly drop. What is happening is that your oxygen is moving from your blood into your cells where you need it most. If you can’t exercise or you find exercising causes adverse side-effects on your cancer such as bleeding, you can always just sit and breathe in the extra oxygen perhaps for an hour twice a day.
  7. Raise your body temperature by wearing sufficient clothes to make you feel hot. When looking at what causes cancer, many underestimate the benefit of taking long hot showers to remove toxins or hot baths using Epsom salts. Alternatively, far infrared saunas. Oncothermia treatments and in particular nano-thermia treatments can target cancer specifically. A lot of toxins can be removed through heat in this way. Hot showers may initially cause itching or a rash as your body removes toxins through the skin. (This should eventually calm down.) Ideally, exercise then shower if you are strong enough. There is also a homeopathic remedy that will cause your temperature to rise: Hepa-S/Gunpowder/Pyrogen which is used by Homoeopathic dentists for infections like an abscess.
  8. Get Tested regularly. Find a Naturopath who is also a biochemist and has access to laboratories that specialise in cancer testing. They have a deeper understanding of how the body works and will be able to help you to track what is actually happening in your body through specific tests for what causes cancer in your individual case. These tests can tell whether your body is creating new blood vessels, whether your cancer is slow or fast growing, whether your cancer cells are dying etc. When several tests are analysed next to each other it may be possible to tweak your diet to have the best possible effect on your cancer. Whilst you can put into practice all of the diet and supplement suggestions at home, if your cancer is still growing despite doing everything humanly possible on your own, these tests will give you the confidence that you need to continue. If you have implemented all of the suggestions and your cancer is still growing, could it be that you have omitted a vital step like removing the toxins in your mouth? Having the dental work done and testing may save you money in the long run. It could be that your don’t need some of the expensive supplements that you have been taking.  If you are in the UK, one such experienced biochemist that can help you tweak your self-help protocols is Xandria Williams. She may be able to help you figure out what may have caused the cancer in your case. Check out her informative books too.

What causes cancer? – What does cancer need to survive?

When looking at what causes cancer it is necessary to look at how it survives. Cancer likes an oxygen free, highly acidic environment. It also feeds on the sugar that you eat. Cancer cells also contain toxins, bacteria and viruses (in particular the SV40 virus that can arrive in your body with E Coli. The BX and BY virus are common too). Common parasites in cancer are: Fascioplopsis buskii, Fasciola and Ascaris. Common viruses are the Papilloma virus and H-Pylori. When you don’t give them what they need to proliferate, remove toxins, kill off pathogens and clean up your organs your chances of success increases.  Rogue cells re-learn how to die and are healed (apoptosis). Cancer has also been found to die off when your body reaches a high temperature.  When you break into a fever it’s a sign that your immune system is attempting to fight off a virus or another invader.

Your body also has an enormous need for nutrients to take care of these tasks. When looking at what causes cancer, Hulda Clark found that your body’s needs are way greater than it’s possible to provide purely by good, clean organic food or juicing. Serious illnesses can cause extreme deficiencies in substances like, vitamin D, selenium, vitamin c, magnesium and thyroid hormones. So when looking at what causes cancer, nutrient deficiencies need to be considered. It would be better though to find out first what your deficiencies are through live blood analysis or blood tests to remove the guesswork.

What Causes Cancer? – The Case for Allergies and Inflammation

Allergies and inflammation can inhibit the inability to heal. Why not buy  ‘The Cure and Prevention of All Cancers‘ by Dr. Hulda Clark. The Kindle version is a valuable asset. What causes cancer was researched by her in avid detail. Her book mentions that food allergies and inflammation need to be addressed. For example: she suggests that you avoid lemons and cabbage if you have bone cancer such as Multiple Myeloma or milk in hormone related cancers. It can take stamina, money and assistance to remove allergies and inflammation. Why not check out  what alternative cancer research has to offer. Most alternative health practitioners aim at correcting all of your health problems. They have generally found that when your body is in balance (homeostasis) health issues subside such as inflammation.

What Causes Cancer? – All Health Issues

When researching what causes cancer, the more comprehensive action that you take, the greater your success is likely to be. Be aware that it is equally important to address other health issues. For example if you have kidney failure and are busy trying to cure your cancer, you may well find that loss of life can ensue from not treating the kidney failure. You may have cured your cancer but then die of kidney failure. For kidney issues (perhaps due to damage from chemo or other drugs) check out Hulda Clark’s kidney cleanse in ‘The Cure for All Diseases’. Enlist the help of herbalists, homeopaths or other trustworthy professionals to ease your suffering. They may have more to offer than you initially realized. E.g. EPO from doctors to keep your kidneys functioning. This clinic in Marbella in Spain could get you started as they offer live blood analysis. 

So, why do I quote Hulda Clark? I followed her advice 15 years ago and my symptoms of migraines, IBS and arthritis in my hands went away. These health issues haven’t returned. Her advice has helped family and friends with an array of health conditions. A useful series of videos is also available which helps to identify possible solutions to cancer.

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