Is There a Cure for Type 1 Diabetes?

Learn about known causes. Discover possible triggers. Can your pancreas heal? Are improvements possible now? Find out by researching what is currently known about Type 1 Diabetes. You are an individual with unique pathogens and toxins. So, explore your options and discover if there is a cure for type 1 Diabetes in your case. Discover ways to lower blood sugar quickly that work.


Facts are needed when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure. The following articles demonstrate that viruses have been linked to the onset of Type 1 Diabetes. There are however, questions that need answering definitively. Is the virus still lurking in the body, continuing to cause damage?  If it is, what will happen if you kill the virus, address deficiencies and remove toxins as soon as practically possible? Can the pancreas heal given the right conditions? If there is a genetic link to Diabetes, could the link be broken with diet?  In order to answer these questions, one needs to take a closer look at the known causes when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure.  Could there be a link between the pancreas and thyroid function? (See Article 10) Just as a side point, take a look at the effect on blood sugar by freezing bread before eating. Here are some interesting articles on the Diabetes.

Article 1      Article 2      Article 3     Article 4     Article 5     Article 6     Article 7     Article 8     Article 9       Article 10


So, there appears to be a link to the viruses listed below. Symptoms to viruses often appear before the start of Type 1 Diabetes. A medical emergency inevitably ensues. Type 1 Diabetes is diagnosed. Then just as you think the symptoms of the virus have disappeared, the viruses dig themselves deeper into your cells and continue causing damage. If you have a frequency generator you will be able to search your body and see if your body still contains viruses and perhaps even kill them.

To learn more about frequency generators click on the link on this website. They create a magnetic field which restores immunity. Alternatively, read on if you would like to learn about common substances that kill viruses. Viruses aren’t the only known causes. Parasites, bacteria, moulds, toxins and food allergies can all cause a burden on your immune system. When looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure, possible causes should be eliminated. It’s interesting to note that when you think that you have flu or a cold it could be a totally different virus causing similar symptoms.


One accepted fact is that Type 1 Diabetes is an autoimmune disease that may be triggered by viruses.

It looks like the cause of diabetes in every case may still be an unknown quantity for the medical profession. When looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure it should be noted that researchers have found that viruses could be a plausible reason for the sudden onset of this condition, especially in the young. When some are diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes, it’s now acknowledged that they may still have minor function of their pancreas for a very short period. However, due to the virility of viruses, inflammation and perhaps other causes like toxins, this function soon disappears. Learn about the link to Ljungan V Virus

An early attempt to kill viruses may increase your chances of better control over insulin levels. Hence, the medical profession talk about a honeymoon period where initially, for some, blood sugar levels appear to stabilise. It’s possible that at the beginning of Type 1 diabetes the immune system is making headway at killing the virus to prevent further damage at this point. “Could toxin removal also help?” it should be asked. Would it help to test for mineral and vitamin deficiencies at this stage in order to give the immune system the ammunition it needs to get the job done? Maybe a more analytical and comprehensive approach in the early stages to causes, could provide viable solutions rather than just treating immediate symptoms.


If you look up the symptoms of these viruses you may be able to pin down the most likely virus. Look also for ongoing bacterial infections. If you have a frequency generator search for frequencies 300-450 then zap what is found for at least 9 minutes each. Viruses are able to aggressively suppress the immune system. If they have taken up residence in your body permanently, it is likely that you will also have to remove toxins that have weakened your immunity in order to kill them permanently. Read on to learn more about possible toxins and allergenic foods.

  • Coxsackie Virus B1, B3, B6, B4 (usually found with Bacteroids fragilis)
  • Adenovirus (cold viruses)
  • Enterovirus
  • Mumps
  • Rubella
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV)
  • Epstein Barr virus (EBV)
  • Encephalomyocarditis Virus (EMCV) sometimes known as Mengovirus
  • Lymphocytic Choriomengitis
  • Eurytrema Pancreaticum (Pancreatic Fluke)


When looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure it should be noted that dairy is known to be an issue too. Growth hormones are fed to cows and other animals along with antibiotics. These substances infect dairy and cause immunity issues in our bodies. Is it possible that the growth hormones cause the viruses in our bodies to proliferate and cause more damage? It is now known that the antibiotics fed to animals in our food chain is causing antibiotic resistant strains of pathogens. Antibiotics are now not working as affectively in humans.

Some are worried about calcium if they avoid dairy. However, if cows get their calcium from eating grass, why wouldn’t we get enough calcium from vegetables? A closer look at plants and their nutrient content reveals that they contain calcium too. Per gram tahini contains three times as much calcium as milk. Tahini is found in humus and will work perfectly with your salad. Choose the organic version or make it yourself. You can additionally add it to soups and stews. Collard Greens contains almost as much calcium as dairy, however because it’s a plant you will absorb more of the calcium than you do from dairy. Spinach and carrots are high in calcium too. A Type 1 Diabetes resolution is likely to include a nutrient rich diet.


This article and many other clinical studies point to a loss of phospholipids in Type 1 Diabetes. The Budwig diet may help to correct this issue. If you have an issue with your liver, stop oils and omega 6 and have organic flax seeds instead. As a fatty liver is usually involved in Type 2 and Type 1 Diabetes, it makes sense to avoid most oils (as they help viruses proliferate) except for the occasional extra virgin olive oil and organic coconut oil. When concerned about the dairy in the cottage cheese which is part of this diet, buy organic cottage cheese. Why not learn to make your own cottage cheese from organic milk.

If pathogens in dairy are a concern for you, use an ultrasonic jewellery cleaner to kill the pathogens, add colloidal silver to the mixture or use pre-frozen milk to make the cottage cheese. It is possible that if you remove toxins and give your body the nutrients that it needs to work effectively, your immune system can be boosted. Boosting your immune system is vital when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure.


The author of the book, “The PH Miracle for Diabetes” by Dr  Robert O Young, claims a high success rate for a Type 1 Diabetes cure in his patients. He looks at a link with yeast infections (common bakers yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae) and a PH balance issue. A healthy pancreas makes bicarbonate of soda to neutralise excess acid in the body. If your pancreas isn’t working, it’s unlikely that you will make this substance to neutralise excess stomach acid after you have digested your meal. If your body is too acid you have an environment for growth of bacteria and viruses.

What evidence is there for the link to bakers yeast? Take a closer look. Is your body too acid? Why not buy PH test strips and find out. Dr. Young has proven that diet can make a difference. As yeast is in bread and bread is high in carbohydrates too, it’s worth eliminating bread from your diet.   Do you have Candida too? If yeast is an issue for you, what can you do about it? You will need to take digestive enzymes and put back the good bacteria in your gut.

One alternative health practioner, Dr Hulda Clark in her Syncrometer laboratory  manual on page 118 states that “Hydrazine sulfate, a pinch or 1/16 tsp. three times daily” is effective against this yeast. As gluten is also known to be an issue with Type 1 Diabetes, eliminating wheat may be worth a try. It would make sense to take a fresh look at wheat and ask what nutrition does this add to my diet?  Avoiding allergens too could give your pancreas a rest and time to heal. If your body can’t handle a food, why are you still eating it?

Type 1 Diabetes – Magnesium

Sometimes low magnesium levels in Type 1 Diabetes can be an issue. Maybe eating more green vegetables works because they are high in magnesium. Take a look at this magnesium deficiency link. This product, containing calcium, magnesium and potassium could be useful too. It was devised by a Dr Hans Nieper and used by his cancer patients. Amazon reviewers have said it is great for lowering blood sugar and relieves aches and pains. To get 10% off when you order from this safe supplements source, REGISTER HERE

Diabetes – Potassium

A potassium deficiency has been found to be linked to Diabetes and High Blood Pressure. Learn  more in this interesting article. Could it be that an imbalance of the essential minerals, calcium magnesium and potassium be at the root of many health issues?

Type 1 Diabetes – Iodine Deficiency

Diabetics may have an iodine deficiency. Could there perhaps be a greater need for this in order to control insulin levels? What did your last blood test show? A good way to test for an iodine deficiency is to paint a small circle of iodine on your stomach. The quicker it disappears the more iodine your body needs. If the stain lasts for almost 24 hours it is likely that you have sufficient. If it disappears very quickly, say within a couple of hours, you likely need more than you are currently having in your diet. Lugol’s iodine or nascent iodine are safe forms to take if you need it. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to rely on blood test results as the test methods traditionally used are not always sensitive enough.

Type 1 Diabetes – Mercury

Vaccinations are also linked to Type 1 Diabetes as some are known to contain mercury. If you have eaten tuna regularly you may have absorbed mercury from this fish. Some fish are known to absorb more mercury due to our polluted seas and rivers. Take a look at the following article and look for the comment on insulin molecules.

Zeolite, DMSA, Quicksilver IMD or Metal magic helps to chelate the mercury out of your body. Other useful compounds are a combination of glutathione, alpha lipoic acid, hydrangea root, milk thistle, n-acetyl-cysteine, zinc and superoxide dismutase (SOD). There are rules though when trying to remove mercury due to it being such a dangerous substance. You will need to make sure your elimination system is functioning first.  Bowel, kidneys, liver and lymph all need cleansing. (Herbal cleanses can help with the first three, walking or rebounding also hot showers can help clean the lymph glands.)

Amalgam fillings is also a common source of mercury.  You might ask, “Did my Type 1 Diabetes start after my first amalgam filling or after a vaccine? Ask your doctor for a copy of your medical records to look for connections. Removing toxins and pathogens is likely to reduce inflammation and an excess of mucous and moulds in the pancreas in order to let your body heal naturally. So when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure, toxins need to be eliminated.


Can you cure Type 1 Diabetes with diet? Why not try? At the very least a healthy diet will make you healthier. A good place to start would be to strengthen your immune system by eating a diet low in toxins and containing lots of healthy organic plant based foods. This radio interview is worth a listen. Dr Cousens talks about how diet can assist healing.

A healthy diet seems to be a front line defence when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure in general. Many with Type 2 diabetes have found that this diet has managed to help them eliminate the need for medication. Unfortunately, as Type 1 diabetics have been told that their disease is incurable, less have tried this route to health. Having seen drastic highs and lows with insulin dependence, there is an ongoing fear of danger to your health. So, few make the necessary changes to their diet. To make a difference to your health you need information.

Can Type 1 Diabetes be Cured with Diet?

Can Type 1 Diabetes be Cured with Diet?


An organic vegan diet is helpful in   improving ongoing health issues;   regardless of what the health issue is.   Why wouldn’t this work for diabetes?  Green vegetables have a way of cleaning and healing. Why not try to grow your own vegetables!. Our immune system seems to handle moulds better too on a plant based diet. If  worried about carbohydrates, remember that there are healthy carbohydrates in vegetables, nuts and seeds too. As meat and dairy often contains pathogens or hormones they’re worth giving a miss. Proteins from meats also will raise blood sugar too much.

An article by Andreas Moritz in 2016 said the following: “What the patients are not being told is that the amount of insulin needed for a piece of steak is way more than the amount needed to process 1/2 pound of pure White Sugar.” Once you have corrected your diet by avoiding and eliminating toxins, processed foods, processed oils and the foods known to cause allergens like: dairy and grains such as wheat, the next step would be to discover ways to kill viruses. Why not take the time to look at which safe substances kill viruses. But first, you need to be sure about the reasons why you should avoid certain foods when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure. The following website will help you to take a closer look at wheat and dairy.


A deeper analysis of the nutrients in plants show that they contain every substance needed to keep our bodies healthy. The only thing missing that comes from meat is Vitamin B12 which can be obtained by taking a chewable B12 tablet once a week. If you are concerned about carbohydrates, Dr Gabriel Cousens’ cookery book “Rainbow Green Live – Food Cuisine” is a raw food cookery book that contains a carbohydrate chart so that you can monitor the carbohydrates in the vegetables that you are eating. Can a change of diet help? it did for this man.

Dr. Gabriel Cousens’ book, “There is a cure for Diabetes” claims a Diabetes cure by using a raw food plant based diet. He doesn’t give a figure as to how many of his patients had Type 1 Diabetes. However, his methods are worth a closer look,  especially if you have a co-operative doctor that is willing to monitor the changes you are making closely. He also has a vegan cookery book to help you make the changes. However, it seems like no one person has ALL the answers. At the end of the day, you are more likely to feel healthier if you eat healthier. Eat only what your body needs and avoid toxins.

Be prepared though, if you talk to a conventional doctor about your proposed diet changes to be told that it’s dangerous to do anything other than what they tell you to do. These are the same practitioners that don’t feel Type 2 Diabetics need to monitor their blood sugar (in the UK). They will also tell you that one of the safest oils is rapeseed oil (vegetable oil) and that processed margarine is safe to eat. Nickel is used as a catalyst to make margarine and can cause all kinds of health issues to your body. As a general rule of thumb, made by man beware, if it’s made by God He cares.

On this Paleo diet website you can read about someone who has managed to make a difference to Type 1 Diabetes through diet.


Can a healthy lifestyle lead to a Type 1 Diabetes cure?  Basic principles to a healthy lifestyle involve getting sufficient exercise, cleanliness, sunshine, rest and nutrition. Remember too to keep a positive outlook and learn how to de-stress. Learning more about the causes of ill health no matter what the disease, can have an overall benefit.

Usually, disease is caused by living pathogens that have taken up residence in our bodies, nutrient deficiencies, food toxins and/or environmental toxins. Just eating more green foods helps to remove toxins. How about including green tea and green juices in your diet? Some doctors, who are also Naturopaths or even Biochemists seem to have a greater understanding of what can and can’t be corrected through diet than conventional doctors. They are able to order blood tests and analyse the results to correct metabolic errors. They look for metabolic blockages, nutrient deficiencies and your body’s response to pathogens and toxins. It can only be helpful to monitor your efforts more closely when you are trying to effect a Type 1 Diabetes cure.

Around the world, doctors may have different ways to treat diseases. In Mexico for example doctors are allowed to prescribe not only drugs but also ‘alternative treatments and medications’ often to great effect. For example they are allowed to advise patients to take turmeric when taking chemotherapy, for cancer it can help reduce the side effects of radioactive substances and toxins. Doctors in most countries in the western world are not allowed to give that kind of nutritional advice. Some doctors in some countries tweak their treatments in order to make healing more effective. So, don’t automatically assume that if your own doctor doesn’t have any helpful advice other than monitor your insulin carefully, that no doctor around the world can conquer your individual health issue.


So where do you begin when looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure?  It looks like a process of elimination is a good idea. We have looked at viruses, parasites, bacteria, moulds, toxins, deficiencies and diet. We have also looked at a healthy lifestyle. Is there anything else that needs to be addressed? The following article looks at how to investigate possible causes of Type 1 diabetes. It asks, “Can the pancreas heal?  Could food allergens be an issue?”

Some doctors, in order to begin treating a disease, rather than just prescribing drugs, try to engage the body’s own defences to do the repair work. Researchers looking for a Type 1 Diabetes cure are looking at stem cell injections to repair the pancreas. Our body has in place key mechanisms to repair damage. So if Type 2 Diabetics have proven that by correcting their diet they can prompt their pancreas to start working again effectively, it shows that repair can be possible.

If people can heal after operations or heal from cancer,  could it not be possible to heal a pancreas? So maybe if we can get to the root cause of the damage to the pancreas as early as possible it could be possible to block the damage from continuing to happen before it becomes irreparable or irreversible. Theoretically, our immune system should then start taking over the repair work. After all if you cut yourself, you heal don’t you? There are numerous natural compounds which have been found to help regenerate beta cells in the pancreas. See the following article:


After raising your nutrient levels and resolving any nutrient deficiency issues in order to re-balance your immune system, the next step would be to learn how to kill viruses. All those with Type 1 Diabetes should value learning how to do this as viruses can have a deadly effect on blood sugar and your health in general.

  1. High doses of Vitamin C and other antioxidants such as Vitamin E, Zinc and Selenium are needed by your immune system. If you take too much Vitamin C the worst that can happen is that you will end up with diarrhoea. However, if you have an issue with acid reflux it might be better to take buffered vitamin C.
  2. Colloidal silver is able to disable the chemical lung of viruses. It is also a useful preventative against viruses.
  3. Frankincense oil kills viruses too. One source is  Just put 3 drops on your tongue and do the same 10 minutes later. The first 3 drops kills the viruses in your blood stream, the viruses in your cells emerge and are killed with the next 3 drops. Some people put one drop on their tongue every hour when they need to kill viruses.
  4. 3 tablespoons of ozonated olive oil also kills viruses. (It helps your body to absorb more oxygen whilst removing toxins at the same time). The downside of this is that it depletes vitamin E stores in the body. So, you will need to take vitamin E three hours later.
  5. Homeopathic medicines can be useful for viruses.
  6. Glutathione

Our immune system can be boosted by killing viruses. Our body temperature often rises when we are fighting off viruses. So maybe we have a built-in  temperature adjusting system for a good reason, to kill viruses and other invaders. Why not harness this power and take hot showers or use a far or preferably a near infra-red sauna regularly. Another option is to absorb more oxygen. Buy an oxygen concentrator and an exercise bike as demonstrated here. Watch both videos.


The information on tackling viruses comes from Dr Hulda Clark who was a biochemist. Her specialised equipment allowed her to test before and after taking certain substances to watch for the effects. She treated hundreds of patients in her clinic and was able to look for common causes of diseases. By testing her patients with the same diseases for common pathogens in all patients with that disease, she was able to define the most likely causes of common diseases. She found sweeteners contained wood alcohol (methanol) that promotes diabetes. This is sometimes contained in insulin too. (See page 174 in the book “The Cure for All Diseases” by Hulda Clark.)

Dr. Clark noticed that all of her patients with Diabetes whether Type 1 Diabetes or Type 2 Diabetes had the Pancreatic Fluke (Eurytrema) and toxins. (The parasite is usually picked up from food.) To kill parasites she used a herbal parasite cleanse which takes 21 days to complete. It consists of just three herbs: wormwood, cloves and black walnut tincture. For the toxins she used other nutrients such as vitamin B2, alpha lipoic acid and glutathione depending on whether the toxins found were chemicals or metals.

Inside parasites are bacteria, inside bacteria are viruses, inside viruses are moulds. So, she may have found a link between her work and the work of the traditional medical establishment. (She warned though that for Type 1 diabetics, killing the parasite can be dangerous as it works so quickly, it can cause immediate changes to insulin requirements. So, monitor your needs carefully.)


When the pancreas is compromised it is likely that it is not producing the digestive enzymes necessary to help you to digest your food. Take a look at this article on digestive enzymes.

It might be a good idea to take a comprehensive digestive enzyme 1/2 hour before or 1 hour after meals. It will help your body to process the food that you eat so that you can absorb the nutrients more effectively.

There must be so many variables to alleviating the symptoms of  Type 1 Diabetes; everyone’s body terrain is different. That’s probably why doctors say that it is incurable. They don’t have the time or money to track down the causes in every individual case. Money is put into drug development WHEN it is financially viable. (Natural substances can’t be patented.) So, if it is left to big Pharma to look for ways to resolve the damage that has been caused to the pancreas, rather than looking for the cause of Type 1 Diabetes and enabling the body’s natural resources to resolve the issue, the answers might never emerge.


So what next? Hopefully, this article will help you take a fresh look at Type 1 Diabetes in the light of possibilities rather than failures. Looking for causes and correcting them will give you the best possible chance to minimise future health risks. You will have ruled out the known issues. If the worst that can happen is that you need less insulin or the best that can happen is that you no longer need insulin, what have you got to lose. As yet, it doesn’t seem that anyone has addressed ALL of the above issues.the success rates for Type 1 Diabetes may be higher if every possible issue was addressed.

If you are still unsure about the changes to your diet that you will need to make, take a look at the following websites:

Article 1     Article 2     

Now for a brief word about Soy and GMOs . Why should you avoid them?. Because soy is highly processed and contains traces of toxins as well as glutamate it is worth a miss. Most people try to avoid mono-sodium glutamate don’t they? Glutamate naturally occurs in all soy even if it’s organic. The main GMO crops are soy and corn. Usually unless a package says that it is GMO free it will be GMO. As you have a compromised immune system, avoiding all toxins could help your immune system have less work to do so that it can concentrate on repairing your pancreas.


There are some who have managed to come off insulin. Mostly, the young who have recently been diagnosed. Others have managed to reduce their insulin dramatically, sometimes by 50%. The generic solution seems to be a vegan, grain free diet as a starting point. There are doctors worldwide who are making a difference due to their will to think outside of the box. Why not take a fresh look at Type 1 Diabetes through the eyes of innovative practitioners who care about improving your health, rather than maintaining your condition with insulin and drugs alone. We can learn a great deal from the success stories of others. Anecdotal evidence you say! However, are not clinical studies anecdotal evidence from the point of view of those who are not practitioners.

As everyone’s body terrain is different, who is to say that those in the clinical studies didn’t have different toxins to you, different vaccinations, different mineral or vitamin deficiencies or viruses. With a serious autoimmune disease like Type 1 Diabetes we have to start somewhere. It makes sense to start with diet, avoid allergens, remove toxins, kill pathogens and get more exercise.


The above research could also be relevant to type 2 diabetes. If you need to lower blood sugar in an emergency you have two options. The third option is a long term solution. Be sensible though. Don’t overdo anything. The more balanced and sensible you are, the more likely it is that you will achieve your goal.

Have you ever wondered about the origins of Metformin? You may be interested to learn that Metformin is a derivative of a natural molecule called a “biguanide,” from a flower called Galega officinalis, also known as “goat’s rue” or “French lilac.” It has been used as a herbal medicine in Europe for centuries. Could this be an option? If you intend to try it, go slowly and monitor your blood sugar often.


Walk as fast as you can for 30 to 45 minutes. You will need to start to feel breathless, if you want to lower your blood sugar. You will need to maintain the breathlessness for at least 5 minutes. (Use Google maps to plan your route so that it takes at least 30 minutes to get there and back.) Just do what you can. Don’t overdo it the first time you try this. Let your own body tell you what is achievable. Drink plenty of water when you get home. If it doesn’t lower your blood sugar after a 30 minute walk, try 45 minutes next time. Each time you do this you will gain more stamina. Your long muscles such as those in your legs and upper arms will use up more of the sugar in your blood. So lifting light weights with your arms can be useful too. If you are looking after your bones and joints with supplements too, this will be easier to achieve. Look up joint pain here. 


Try a high protein diet for a few days, it can lower blood sugar from the first day. (You are also highly likely to lose weight.) Check your weight before you start this, then again at the same time on the next day. (Your weight is usually lower, first thing in the morning.)  Eat cottage cheese, fish, cooked meats, eggs and drink lots of water. At least 8 x 8oz glasses a day. Tea and coffee without milk and sugar is OK.) No sugar, no carbohydrates, no fruit or vegetables for this to work. (Just a mouthful of vegetables will stop weight loss.) Eat just enough to satisfy your hunger whenever you feel hungry. However, take a good quality multi vitamin, mineral and amino acid supplement daily. You can still have your eggs and bacon, roast chicken or beef (without the extras) as all are protein. Herbs, spices and small amounts of ketchup, mayo etc. are OK as long as you don’t overdo it. Don’t keep this up for too long as you will start feeling muscle weakness and could damage your liver. This is an emergency fix for high blood sugar. You could do this occasionally if your blood sugar is getting too high. However,option three is a more permanent solution and more balanced. 


Get used to eating smaller portions of food. (Dinner should fit on a quarter plate.) Lowering amounts of food over a period of time won’t leave you hungry. Cut out starchy carbs and sugar. (No potatoes, rice, pasta, bread) Make the carbs or dessert a rare special treat. However, you will notice that your sugar cravings will start up again as soon as you eat carbs or sugar. (Likely feeding a Candida issue. Fungus can zap you of energy.)  Try erythritol as a helpful substitute for sugar. Low calorie colourful veg will still provide you with carbohydrates. Eat small amounts of meat and fill up your plate with vegetables, especially green ones. Learning how to cook with beans, lentils and fresh herbs and spices will keep your meals filling and nutritious. Take a full range of the nutrients your body needs in supplement form too. If you get hungry, snack on protein or when desperate a teaspoon of no added sugar, organic peanut butter. Take supplements. Look for pharmaceutical grade supplements. This means they are potent enough to work. Avoid chemicals in supplements. You will need a complete range of minerals, vitamins and amino acids. You may need to take them more than once a day. If you would like to eventually be off your Diabetes Meds, this option may be achievable. Although, this depends on the amount of damage already done to your body. However, don’t assume that this would be impossible for you as you have been Diabetic for too long. How do you know it won’t work unless you try it. At the very worst you are likely to feel healthier. Investigate all of your health issues and aim at resolving them. Start your research on the following website. You will also find an option for lowering blood pressure on the summary page.  If you need a precise diet to follow many have found the following diet highly successful The 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet


This will improve as  Hba1C goes down to a more normal level. If your feet hurt, take a foot bath with Epsom salts regularly. (This can ease gout pain too).  Eye health could improve when your blood is less sticky due to the high blood sugar. The tiny blood vessels in our eyes need the content of our blood to be flexible, the right consistency and be able to carry oxygen efficiently. When you take additional nutrients (in particular magnesium and n-acetyl cysteine), exercise more,  eat a healthy diet as well as resolve inflammation, pain levels will go down and neuropathy and retinopathy could well improve. It takes a good circulation, oxygen, minerals, vitamins, omega 3 and our organs that help us detox to be working at improved efficiency to begin to repair the damage. The key however is blood sugar control.

For now, it looks like one size doesn’t fit all. It is up to every individual to make adjustments to their health in hopes that substantial improvement is possible. Never stop asking, “Why?” and “What if?” One thing for sure is that the quicker you act to resolve causes, the more chance you have to heal. Read the story of a man who reversed his type 1 diabetes. Here is a story of a boy who was cured of type 1 diabetes using alternative health methods. Is there a way to unlock our own body’s potential? Hope and active control over your own health can be a healer.