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What is a frequency generator?

Frequency GeneratorA frequency generator is a machine that produces sound waves and can vibrate pathogens to death. Frequency generators help you search for and kill pathogens quickly without medicines. You could boost your immunity with this useful gadget.

Decades ago, Royal Raymond Rife began to search for what causes cancer. He discovered that living organisms (which have their own frequency) have a serious effect on cancer. He had lots of success in restoring the health of cancer patients with a frequency generator.

Have you ever watched a demonstration where an opera singer vibrates their voice at a certain frequency and pitch and smashes a glass? Just like the opera singer, a frequency generator uses sound waves and vibration to kill pathogens. Frequency Lists are available on the internet which allow you to discover the very individual frequency of pathogens. Once you know the frequency of the pathogen you can kill it with a frequency generator. Every pathogen has what is called a ‘mortal oscillatory rate’. (A frequency that makes it die.)

Frequency generator – Find a Cause for Your Poor Health

A frequency generator can help you find one of the possible causes for your cancer or poor health. A disabled immune system can be a massive problem to cancer patients and those whose immune systems are low. Why not help your immune system fight disease with a frequency generator. It avoids the need for constant antibiotics. Until now a frequency generator has been very expensive. Affordable frequency generators are now for sale. If you can find out which pathogens are disabling your immune system, you’ll have a better chance of restoring your health.

How can I find and kill pathogens in my body?

Most machines allow you to run a biofeedback scan. So, if you have a name for your disease, search for the frequencies related to your disease and begin killing the pathogens. If you had cancer for example, you could start by killing E Coli that brings with it the SV40 virus which is thought by some to be a cancer virus. Rife suggested the BX or BY virus are contributory in cancer patients. Next, perhaps pathogens that make you feel ill and cause nausea and diarrhoea, like salmonella, Shigella or Clostridium bacteria etc. could be zapped.  You could then go on to search for and kill the exact frequencies related to your specific illness or cancer. Researches have located the precise frequencies related to many diseases. Why not see if these are what are causing your health issues by zapping them.

Most debilitating pathogens are under 700. Parasites tend to be from 400-500. Bacteria from 300-400. So you could choose to start by scanning 350-450 where most of the nasties are. You will need to hold two metal tubes that have been plugged into the frequency generator or attach conductive sticky pads to your skin. (No, it won’t electrocute you.) Most people don’t feel anything. Then click start and relax. If it doesn’t find pathogens, it will finish quickly. However, if you do have live organisms in your body, it can take around 40 minutes to find and define the twenty strongest frequencies. It’s perfectly safe and won’t harm you. Although, it’s best not to even try using it if you have a pacemaker. (Some machines get around this by providing a remote option.) If you are using the Spooky2 Generator, in the free software provided you will need to change the value in the frequency multiplier to 1000 in order to kill what you found effectively. By doing a full body scan you will be searching for all possible pathogens in your body. You can then kill them using higher numbers that will kill them more effectively. (No need to do maths, it has all been worked out for you.)

When the frequency generator  finds a match with the signal that it is producing, say a live bacteria, your pulse rate rises momentarily. The frequency generator software detects this and will list the frequency of the pathogen found.  You can then go ahead and kill it. Most pathogens take no more than 3 minutes to kill. Parasites are best zapped for 5 minutes. (However, if you zap for at least 420 seconds, you will have more peace of mind that you have achieved your goal. Scan the same range again three days later. This is purportedly the best time to kill any eggs that were released when the parasite you killed, died.

Researchers have carried on the work that Royal Raymond Rife did with his frequency generator and powerful plasma tube and defined the exact frequencies of many more pathogens.

How long does it take to kill a pathogen with a frequency generator?

When looking at how long it takes to kill a pathogen with a frequency generator, you need to be aware that the larger the organism, the longer it usually takes to kill. If it’s a larger parasite such as the Ascaris parasite (usually found in asthma) or a tapeworm, it will likely need a special protocol to kill safely. After killing them with your frequency generator you can re-scan to make sure they have now gone. What you need to remember though, is that inside parasites are bacteria, inside bacteria are viruses. Next comes moulds. So, something may emerge from what you kill (maybe even eggs, yuk). So, it may take several scans and kills to eliminate everything that is bad for you. Over a period of time you will be scanning and only finding perhaps old injuries that have been causing you pain or maybe inoculations that you had years ago. You will need to get rid of toxins after each killing session and clean your bowel, kidneys and liver to get rid of some of these painful problems. (Sometimes even a food allergy can cause the pain.) The frequency generator can even help with toxin elimination and healing.

With the bad stuff gone, you can then use the healing frequencies to gently help your body to heal. You may even discover the frequencies of some of the systems in your body such as DNA healing or nerve healing. How rewarding. You have killed your bacteria, virus etc. without the need for powerful medication. Your immune system can then take over the job of removing the debris. Watch how a music specialist assisted a cancer research team to kill cancer cells in a laboratory using frequencies. The presets for this man’s methods are in the software for Spooky2.

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There are many frequency generators available. However, most are too expensive for home use. Thankfully, there are now affordable frequency generators  First  a  video explaining Why Choose a Spooky2 Rife Machine.

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Frequency Generator

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