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apricotSo where do you start when looking for cure options? How do you decide which route to take when trying to restore good health?

Everyone is full of good advice when you are ill, so how do you decide what to try when your cure options are so varied and open-ended?  You will need to learn how to improve your health by investigating cure options. Learn what to avoid, how to kill pathogens, what to eat and how to get well. Here are some common ways to research your health condition and cure options that target your specific health issues.

Twelve Steps to Researching your Cure Options

  1. Websites which provide precise information on symptoms, current medical interventions and stages of disease (for information)  You Tube health videos
  2. Doctors and hospitals (for diagnosis, emergencies and blood tests)  Hospital information leaflets
  3. Drug side-effects websites (to find out if your illness is being caused by a drug that you are taking or discover drug interactions)
  4. Homeopathy (to look for gentle but effective cure options)
  5. Herbalists (to look for ways to clean up your body and assist the healing process)
  6. Alternative Health Clinics (when you need additional cure options from experienced practitioners)
  7. Books on purported cures (to fill in the gaps in your knowledge, reassure you and give you hope and sometimes answers)
  8. Alternative therapies such as reflexology etc. (to assist with the healing process)
  9. Gadgets which assist with healing such as, magnets, frequency generators, Natural daylight lamps, ozonators, etc. (for specific healing issues)
  10. Diet and Useful foods (to maintain good health)
  11. Supplements (to provide your body with the nutrients and energy that it needs to heal)
  12. Cleanses (to remove harmful substances, a build up of toxins and dissolve or remove unwanted stones) REGISTER HERE

    Ten Steps towards a Possible Cure

    Option One: Diagnosis and Testing

    The first of your cure options involves an accurate diagnosis of your current health issues. The first diagnosis usually begins with a visit to your doctor. Next comes blood tests, x rays, scans or other diagnostic tools in hospitals. A good alternative step is to send off a sample of your blood to an alternative health clinic for a deeper analysis. The link is to a clinic that looks for causes that are specific to you. They will also be able to advise on what to do to rid yourself of these disease causing problems. They may also be able to treat you in their clinics. The following Company will test a hair sample to look for mineral deficiencies which may be affecting your health. For parasite testing try . For specific cancer marker tests there are laboratories around the world that test for angiogenesis, cancer growth, apoptosis etc.

    A good place to start is buying a book which outlines what the specific tests are and how the knowledge you gain from them can help you channel your recovery in the right direction. ‘Detecting Cancer’ by Xandria Williams explains the tests. To discover which tests work bests for your exact cancer, you may need to do some extra detective work on websites like:  This is particularly if you can only afford a few tests when looking at what best can help your body reach homeostasis.

    Option Two: Information

    The second of your  cure options involves gathering as much information as you can from medical practitioners, as to your condition. Find out what your conventional treatment options are. Ask for a second opinion if you are not happy with your medical options. Talk to others who have had to make the same choices as you. Discover what your alternative health options are and make a treatment choice. If you choose to go the conventional medicine route there are often helpful ways that alternative therapists can offer,  to minimize harmful side-effects. Private health clinics are another option if a treatment is unavailable in your local hospital.

    Option Three: Avoid Sugar

    The third of your cure options involves something that in our heart of hearts we know is bad for us, but we like it so much that we persuade ourselves to think that it can’t be that bad. The sad truth is that sugar causes all kinds of health issues. In short, it causes health problems and feeds cancer cells. We need to minimize carbohydrates too as they turn into sugar in your body. At least cut out processed carbs such as white flour (particularly if it is brominated). Try a low GI diet. What you do about this issue can be dependent on the severity or type of  your illness. If it’s cancer, your choice is clearer.

    Option Four: Choose to Avoid Chemicals and Pesticides

    No matter which of the cure options you choose to take notice of, most people, including alternative therapists will agree that it is wisdom to start with avoiding anything that could harm your body. So a dependable cure option will be to avoid pesticides and chemicals in or on your body. You will need to find lotions, potions, make-up and cleaners without carcinogenic chemicals or indeed any chemicals at all. You will also need to stop drinking tap water as it contains chlorine which is carcinogenic. One solution is to buy a Syncrometer tested to be safe to drink and is sold worldwide. A Syncrometer is a machine that allows you to test for specific substances like metals and chemicals in your body, food or water. According to Dr. Hulda Clark, many bottled waters contain traces of isopropyl alcohol, also carcinogenic (used to wash out the machinery) hence the need for caution if you are seriously ill. Whilst it would be a good solution to own a Syncrometer, it is notoriously hard to master.

    A magnetic coaster will turn your water north polarised. Rainwater is north polarised so is a healthy option. (Organs in our body that are healthy are north polarised.) Unfortunately though, for the first hour that it rains, our amazing water cycle cleans up the atmosphere so the rain will contain the pollutants in our air. The Cure for All Diseases‘ for a list of timely cleanses. Check out liquid zeolite too. It is a powerful cleanser as is glutathione and alpha lipoic acid. ALA is one of the few antioxidants that can get through the blood/brain barrier. Remember to replace the heavy metals you are ridding your body of with a good range of minerals in foods such as nuts and seeds and pure supplements.

    Option Seven: Kill Live Pathogens

    A necessary cure option is to kill off the most dangerous of the organisms which invade our bodies. Many at first try herbs, foods or vitamins and minerals to do this job. Unfortunately, whilst each have their benefits you usually need to know what you are dealing with in order to re-instate good  health. Parasite cleanses kill many parasites but not Ascaris and Tapeworm. In my experience not the Pancreatic Fluke either. Alternative ways to kill pathogens are Hulda Clark Zappers, Frequency Generators  such as the Spooky2.

    To our parents and grandparents, what we now consider to be alternative health practices were the gold standard health options in their day. They had knowledge and wisdom passed down through previous generations on how to resolve health issues.  It was the doctors and hospitals that had the alternative health answers. Nowadays, we have become used to relying solely on conventional medicine for diagnosis. Many are now resorting to alternative therapies to enlighten them with answers.

    Option Eight: Exercise Regularly

    Exercise is a good way of clearing out your lymph glands which have a tendency to become blocked. Lymph glands don’t contain muscle so need movement in order to remove toxins. Walking also helps to oxygenate your body and remove excess blood sugar. Be balanced though, becoming fanatical about anything including exercise can drain us of energy. In order to absorb more oxygen buy an oxygen concentrator and an exercise bike as demonstrated here. Watch both videos. Take a look at how hyperbaric oxygen chambers can help.

    Option Nine: Be consistent

    If you are trying out a new protocol, don’t be surprised if it doesn’t work if you haven’t followed all of the instructions. Many people give up on alternative therapies saying they don’t work, when they have only tried a few of the suggestions or only tried them for a short time. If you’re not getting well, it is likely that you still have toxins or pathogens in your body. The more ill you are or have been in the past, the more nutrition your body needs in order to get well. Plan to only put in your mouth what has health benefits. Ask yourself: If this food contains very few nutrients, is it really worth eating?

    Another problem that tends to occur, is that people desperately looking for a cure tend to not be willing to try alternative methods first before going on to the next option. So, do your homework. Become as sure as you possibly can that a purported cure is worth a try and suitable for you, then try it in its entirety. That doesn’t mean that you rule out conventional options. It just means that you don’t keep wasting time looking, when you may have already found what you are looking for, but haven’t gone ahead and put the full plan into action. You may have a cupboard full of supplements but forgotten about the reason why they are beneficial. Take a look a the health benefits of each one and remind yourself of why you bought them in the first place.

    Option Ten:  Monitor your progress

    Keep a track of every step that you take to improve your health. Keep a diary of what your side-effects were. How did  you feel when you made changes to your diet or tried new protocols. Send off a blood sample or saliva sample for testing to ensure that your health interventions are on track. This clinic in Marbella in Sspain can test your Blood to look for causes and help you personalize your recovery.