Anti-Cancer Diet Recipes

Anti-Cancer Diet Recipes

Anti-cancer diet recipes are essential to healing from cancer. Low carbohydrate, high fibre, no bad sugar and organic means diabetics can eat them too. These anti-cancer diet recipes use organic butter, eggs, coconut oil, oats, erythritol, nuts and seeds. Being low in carbohydrates and sugar but high in fibre they are suitable for diabetics. These anti-cancer diet recipes will also help satiate sugar and fat cravings. Remember though that nuts can be acid forming so eat in moderation. Ensure that you have enough organic green veg in your diet such as broccoli to help neutralise excess acid. As it isn’t possible to get all the nutrients that we need from food alone, you will need to find a safe source for supplements. To get 10% off when you order from this safe supplements source, REGISTER HERE


Ingredients and Method

Grind 125grams pumpkin seeds, 125sunflower seeds and 250g flax seeds (mix)
Grind 250grms Brazil nuts and 250grms oats
Toast 250grms desiccated coconut  (reserve some of the coconut for decoration of cakes)
Add 150grms ground almonds and a tablespoon of erythritol
Add Organic raisins (best to keep these to a minimum)

Combine all of the ingredients and place in a suitable airtight container such as a large glass jar.

If you eat fruit or dried fruit of any kind take some extra vitamin C at the same time due to the sugar content. You can eat the muesli with home-made almond milk. (Remember to avoid dairy and soy if you have cancer.) It is also used in the following cake recipes to add extra nutrition and minerals to the cake.


Mixed berries
Organic Yogurt

Organic Milk  (your favourite milk)
Organic Double Cream, if you have dairy, if not substitute with a little coconut cream

Squeeze of lemon juice

Blend the above ingredients in a blender. Adjust the ingredients so that you have enough for a large glass. If you need a more filling alternative, add add flax seeds for extra fibre and cottage cheese for extra protein.



Anti-cancer diet recipes need to contain ingredients that are safe for cancer patients. The anti-cancer diet recipes found here are the perfect substitute for the sugar laden, flour versions that we all have become used to. It’s important when trying to eat healthily to make sure that you use organic ingredients. The cakes below uses the muesli above to raise the nutrient and fibre content. Use Free Range, organic eggs. Wash them in warm water before cracking to lessen the risk of bacteria.

Organic Toasted Coconut and Lemon Frangipane Cake

(Organic, No added sugar, High protein, High fibre. Grain free )

Prepare a 7” square Baking Tray

Butter the baking tray.
Coat the bottom of the tin with a sprinkling of  organic muesli.

Ingredients and Method

Combine the following ingredients in a food processor

3 ½ oz organic butter (from grass fed cows)
3 ½ oz erythritol
4oz ground almonds
2 eggs

Grate the rind of a lemon then juice the lemon.  Add both to ingredients. The mixture will be runny.
Add some of the muesli mix to thicken the mixture slightly.
Pour cake mix into the tin.
Sprinkle on more muesli
Top with toasted coconut

Bake for 30 minutes at 180° Gas Mark 4 Cut into squares or fingers.

Organic Chocolate Brownies

(Organic, High protein, High fibre. Grain Free. No added sugar. Without the addition of the chocolate topping it tastes like chocolate brownies.)

Prepare a 7” square Baking Tray

Butter the baking tray.
Coat the bottom of the tin with a sprinkling of  organic muesli.

Ingredients and Method

Combine the following ingredients in a food processor

113 grams butter
85 grams erythritol
113 grams ground almonds
28 grams cocoa powder
2 eggs

Add some of the muesli mix.
Pour cake mix into the tin.
Sprinkle on more muesli

Bake for 30 minutes at 180° Gas Mark 4 Cut into squares or fingers.

The following Chocolate topping is optional

Melt 1/2 a bar of dark chocolate (Preferably as low sugar as is available. As close to 92% as you can find.)  with ½ tsp butter (THIS IS ONLY FOR A SPECIAL TREAT) When you have sugar or carbohydrates of any kind take extra vitamin C with the food.

Drizzle in lines over cake. Or coat thinly with the melted chocolate.

Top with ground Brazil nuts or toasted ground hazelnuts


Organic Shortbread

As an anti-cancer diet recipe, this recipe is a compromise. It contains a small amount of grains. However, all of the other ingredients balance this out.

Prepare a 7” square Baking Tray

Butter the baking tray. Line the base with baking parchment/paper.


40 grams   Organic Self Raising Wholemeal flour
45 grams Ground almonds
113 grams  Organic  ground oats
85 grams  Organic ground mixed seeds (sunflower, pumpkin, flax)

30grams erythritol
130 grans   Grass fed butter

Pinch of Himalayan pink salt


  1. Combine all ingredients in a food processor
  2. Pour into a baking tray and press down
  3. Bake at 180° Gas Mark 4 FOR 25 minutes


Organic Sunflower Seed crackers

This is an essential anti-cancer diet recipe. These crackers are a great substitute for bread or crackers made with grains. Use all organic ingredients. These are very moreish. You may need to make two batches. They make a perfect base for a spread of almond butter or organic roasted Mediterranean veg pate or even an accompaniment to a hearty vegetable soup.


113 grams ground mixed seeds (see the muesli recipe above)
170 grams ground almonds or ground mixed nuts
1 teaspoon of  coconut oil
2 teaspoons of dried rosemary
1 large teaspoon of onion granules
(optional) 1 teaspoon of organic vegetable stock granules
(optional) a little grated pecorino cheese (ewes milk) or a suitable hard goats cheese that is low in fat.


Combine all of the ingredients in a food processor. Once mixed, drizzle in some cold water a little at a time until the mixture congeals.

Roll the mixture out between paper baking sheets until the shape fits a baking tray. You will need to even up the edges. Next, sprinkle with some extra sunflower seeds and coarse Himalayan pink salt. Place the other paper baking sheet on top and press down lightly with the rolling pin. Lift into the baking tray without the top sheet.

Bake at 180° Gas Mark 4 for  10 minutes. Remove the tray and mark into cracker size portions. Bake for a further 10-15 minutes or until the edges begin to brown.