Anti cancer dietThere are often multiple causes for your illness. So, there are no guarantees that diet alone can cure anything. However, learning how an anticancer diet works is a really good place to start. If you are struggling with anticancer diet menus first you need to know the safest foods to eat & what to avoid. Eat to get well. Help your body heal with healthy toxin and pesticide free food.The internet is full of stories of people who have said that an anti cancer diet has played a large part in resolving their health issues. For many, this is a lifestyle choice to increase their chances of success whilst taking useful supplements and detoxing their bowel, kidneys and liver. Although there are foods that it’s best to avoid on an anticancer diet (due to toxic elements in the food), there are also many foods that you can have. Look at the whole body picture when learning how to cure cancer with diet. Sometimes it’s mainly about removing toxins that are blocking your immune system from doing it’s job efficiently.


On an anticancer diet you will need to know what to eat and what to avoid. If you are aiming to eat to get well,  you will need to choose healthy, organic food preferably mainly raw that is full of nutrition and toxin free. As a basic plan, your anticancer diet menus should be packed with nutrients, full of digestive enzymes and taste good enough to want to eat.

For more information on what not to eat or what to eat, see Hulda Clark’s ‘The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers’. Below you will find anticancer diet menus that eliminate carcinogens in an extended way. This anticancer diet has been extrapolated from the above book. References have been given to the book so that you could learn more about Hulda Clark’s methods. Remember an organic, free-range, toxin free diet will give you the best possible chance of success. Dr. Hulda Clark’s diet examines the details of what is actually happening in your body when you eat certain foods. This means that her diet is more exclusive than you would normally expect on an anticancer diet. So, it has been designed from a bio-chemist’s perspective.


It’s all about undoing the damage and having more self-control. Keep your energy, take extra nutrients in supplement form.

  1. Sugar feeds cancer so avoid it. Glutamate in soy also feeds the cancer and makes it grow. (eliminate all soy including organic.) If you need sugar in hot drinks use stevia or erythritol.
  2. Cut out carbohydrates. They turn into sugar easily and feed cancer. No grains, pasta, potatoes, rice etc.
  3. Cut out beef. Only eat organic meat occasionally. Protein too turns into sugar in your body so learn about ketogenic diets. Chicken carries the HPV virus.
  4. Avoid dairy ncluding cheese. (Too many microbes and cows are fed growth hormones which are likely to make cancer grow)
  5. Cut out all oils except for occasional organic extra virgin olive oil, organic butter from grass fed cows and organic coconut oil. (Viruses proliferate in the oils that we eat. Our bodies also have problems metabolising oils.)
  6. Eliminate coffee
  7. Don’t eat peanuts (too many moulds)
  8. Avoid tap water (chlorine). Drink only Evian (or bottled water that you know after testing is isopropyl alcohol free) distilled water, Echo water, Kangen Water or reverse osmosis water.
  9. Cut out fruit. (Only occasionally have a few raspberries or blueberries)
  10. Don’t use chemicals on or in your body. (Your immune system needs all the help it can get.) Avoid plastic containers when possible.
  11. Cut out corn and soy
  12. Drink chlorine free water that is unfiltered (Evian, distilled or reverse osmosis). Echo water or a similar PH netural water machine is even better.
  13. Avoid fluoride
  14. If you are eating less food and on a low calorie diet, remember to replace the nutrients your body needs to work by using nutrient rich foods.


Extra Information (Hulda Clark)

Onion, Mustard, Garlic, Asparagus, Horseradish, Corn, Fresh fennel leaves, Olives (contain all three mutagens), Cabbage (If you have bone cancer), Honey is an antigen for RBCs in blood cancers, Strawberries (radioactive from fertilizer) All dairy except for sterilized double cream and organic butter. (There is a chart in the above book with types of cancer and what to avoid in each case.) Avoid soy which contains glutamate which is an excitotoxin.

The three substances mentioned below are immune blockers and are best avoided in an anti cancer diet.

Chlorogenic acid foods (destroyed by boiling for 5 minutes)

All Dairy (except for double cream sterilised with lugols iodine, goats milk and organic or kosher butter), Peppers, Unripe fruits, Watermelons, Coffee, Tea (except for green tea), Margarine (too processed)

Gallic Acid  (A preservative found in oils and grains. It is destroyed by boiling for 5 minutes.)   (Feeds eurytrema) causes pain

Whole Grains (treated for longer life) Flour (uncooked), Oils (trigger viruses) (natural food oils such as peanut or avocado in moderate amounts for occasional use are ok) (Organic sunflower oil without preservatives, occasionally), Non organic chicken and eggs, Dairy (allergen to kidneys for exceptions see Protein) Lemons (allergen to bone marrow. Limes are a suitable substitute)

Phloridzin (Destroyed by boiling for 5 minutes.)  (After avoiding for 5 days the formation of tumor nuclei is stopped)

Apples (except red delicious and golden delicious very ripe) Unripe fruits, Bananas (with green at the ends). (Bananas are also high in sugar.) Cauliflower, kohlrabi, courgettes raw (cooked is ok) Cashews, Millet (uncooked) Pork – Ham


Unfortunately, some tap water contains the wrong kind of chlorine. The kind of chlorine we use to kill bacteria rather than the food grade bleach. Filtering this water still leaves traces of it in the water. Unless you are able to have your tap water tested, it’s probably best to avoid it. When looking at how to cure cancer with diet, water is the first element you will need to look at. The two sources for water mentioned in the above book are Distilled water from a counter-top distiller or bottled water that has been tested as being safe. The only one mentioned in her book that seems to be available extensively is ‘Evian’. In the UK, Highland spring water is in BPA free bottles and sourced from organic land.


Herbs, Spices and Vegetables: 

Sweet potatoes, Vegetables (twice washed in hot water), Green lettuce (washed in Lugol’s water for 3 minutes – see Lugol’s rinse), Ripe Jalapeno seeds, Cauliflower & Courgettes (phloridzin is destroyed when boiled for 5 minutes), Broccoli is particularly helpful. Try and grow organic herbs (pesticide free).

Ripe Fruit and Fruit juice (no melons or apples except for red delicious and golden delicious very ripe) Tangerine juice,  Raspberries (contain ellagic acid which is anti cancer) Blueberries (organic), (Keep fruit to a minimum as it is too high in sugar for cancer.) Sun Maid Raisins occasionally (freeze for 24 hours)

Nuts & Seeds: Coconut (contains organic selenium and germanium don’t have if coughing) Brazil nuts (contain ellagic acid which is anti cancer)) Almonds, Walnuts (wash with cold tap water rinse with filtered water and freeze) Hazelnuts, Pumpkin seeds, Sunflower seeds, flax seeds

Sweetener: Stevia, or Erythritol

Protein: Free range organic chicken (occasionally), Free range organic eggs, nuts, (Cottage cheese if used in the Budwig diet)

Avoid Carbohyrdrates: They create sugar in your body which feeds tumours. So, minimize your consumption of carbs if possible. If you do eat organic unprocessed carbohydrate have vitamin C with them. Try nuts first if you are craving carbs or if desperate an organic oat cake.

Pulses: Barley (ozonate, soak in water for 4 hours then drink the water it contains organic manganese) black beans & lentils (hot wash twice don’t heat higher than boiling. Don’t fry, pressure cook or microwave. Maybe a slow cooker would be best.)

Cereals: Wild oats (cooked) occasionally


  • A sonicator kills moulds, parasites and viruses (15 minutes)
  • UV light close to food kills bacteria and viruses (2 UV bulbs 20 watts each)
  • Kosher food is the safest and most likely free from parasite stages
  • Nutmeg kills the bacteria found in dairy
  • Dried produce should be washed in hot water twice before boiling.
  • Sugar, carbohydrates and protein all make sugar in your body.
  • Freezing food before cooking or eating kills many bacteria.
  • Lemon juice with meals increases stomach acid
  • Bicarbonate of soda taken at bedtime neutralises excess acid before sleep. (1/4 to 1/2 tsp. in at least half a glass of water.)
  • The ports to the cancer cells open when you eat sugar. So if eating anything remotely sweet, take the anti-oxidant vitamin C with it. Also vitamin D.
  • Take extra Omega 3 to reduce inflammation. Don’t take Omega 6 as a supplement. There is sufficient in everyday food. This will help to re-balance your cholesterol levels too.
  • Fresh herbs and dried herbs and spices are extremely useful to flavour food. Coriander in the morning and chlorella in the afternoon help with detoxing.


Low calorie and low carbohydrate organic vegetables, nuts (no cashews or peanuts), seeds and lentils. Organic green tea, organic tea, coconut milk. Budwig diet. Organic oat cakes occasionally when hungry.


Porridge is a great way to get down those capsules that you need to take. They will slide down with a mouthful of porridge more easily. Add some organic ground almonds and a few seeds for variety.


Organic green juice. Eg. Broccoli, celery, cucumber, carrot, ginger (always include a whole head of broccoli) Home made sunflower seed crackers with almond butter. See the recipe on this website.


Vegetable stew or curry (keep it mild and eat with salad), raw salad with avocado and walnuts, organic, free range omelette filled with lots of finely chopped vegetables eg. spinach and tomatoes,  or a second Budwig Diet.

Drink chlorine free water, green tea or organic tea with unsweetened coconut or almond milk.

At some point you will likely need extra supplements too, as it is difficult to get ALL the nutrients we need from food alone. To get 10% off when you order from this safe supplements source, REGISTER HERE


The information on this page has been researched from Hulda Clark’s, ‘The Cure and Prevention of all Cancers’. It does not purport to cure you of cancer with diet alone. The suggestions of what to avoid are due to the research of Hulda Clark and her findings as well as other MDs using alternative methods to treat cancer. For nutritional advice see a doctor who has been trained in nutrition. For further anticancer diet menus and recipes see Organic Cooking on this website.