How to Choose the Right Alternative Therapy

alternative therapyIf you’re trying to find a cure for health problems or trying to choose an alternative therapy, you will need to learn how to choose the best treatment for you. There will be questions that you need to ask; before you can find answers that work. When you find useful information you will need to make safe choices.

Do you ever assume that if you ask a doctor a question and they don’t know the answer, that maybe the medical profession as yet doesn’t have an answer? Have you ever thought of looking on the internet for an alternative therapy? If you have, have you ever wondered if the information on the website is trustworthy? We are all cautious by nature and are aware that there is good advice and bad advice on alternative therapies on the internet. So, when we try to find a cure for health problems using an alternative therapy, there are a barrage of questions that we should ask before jumping in to try something new?


  • Is this alternative therapy/substance something that is naturally found in the body or in food?
  • Could this be something that I could possibly be deficient in?
  • What would make my body deficient in this substance?
  • Do I really need this or can I raise my dosage of this substance through food?
  • What foods contain this substance in large quantities and should I try this route first?
  • Is the website that I have found this information on trustworthy, or are they just trying to sell me their product?
  • What do the reviews say that have been written by people who have taken or used this alternative therapy?
  • Do the reviews on this alternative therapy seem realistic or written by the Company or tweaked?
  • Do other websites corroborate this evidence?
  • Is there any evidence that this alternative therapy works?


  • Does my proposed supplement contain anything harmful?
  • Are there any harmful side-effects or contraindications?
  • Can this alternative therapy be taken with any drugs that I currently have no choice in taking?
  • If I take this, will I need to monitor my drugs from the doctor more carefully?
  • Are there any medical websites which allude to the same substance being effective in treating this condition?
  • Were there any  clinical trials on this alternative therapy which documented its effectiveness?
  • What is the correct dose of this alternative therapy for my condition?
  • Which brand of this product has the least fillers, flavours, chemicals etc and is the purest?  (Read the labels if possible.)
  • Is this brand widely sold or more exclusive due to purity and cost?
  • How long will I need to take this alternative therapy for and can I afford it?
  • Is there any other substance or alternative therapy that needs to be taken alongside it to increase the benefits?


OK. So you have made a decision about your alternative therapy and ordered the product. First, you will need to make a choice between what it says on the bottle and what your website source or book says. In most cases it is best to try the smallest dose first and build up to the dose suggested in your alternative therapy research. Some labels are highly conservative for safety purposes. However, you will have noticed that you can often buy supplements in different strength dosages. Be cautious but also be realistic. Doctors, for example, often adjust dosages according to your weight. Alternative therapy medicines usually don’t do that. So, give it some careful thought.

People often resist an alternative therapy because they would rather have a doctor make the decision for them. Sometimes the doctor may even use threatening language; suggesting that if you don’t take this drug or follow this procedure, your life could be in danger. There may be harmful, perhaps life threatening side-effects. When the pressure is on, many succumb. They choose to have the decision taken out of their hands. There are times when taking the route on offer can lower your health so much that your body is unable to recover. Remember, the only answers doctors are usually allowed to give, relate to drugs, to eat healthily and get sufficient exercise. Remember too that at times their solution could be an effective one.


Why not make the effort and learn how to trust your own instincts? An alternative therapy could give you a better quality of life. The secret is prevention. Try not to allow your health to get into that dangerous condition. Eat organic food and minimise your exposure to chemicals in your home and on your skin. Increase your level of exercise too (if you are able).

If you have sobering news, you may need to take the emergency procedure or medicine while you look at alternative therapy options. However, be assured that many health problems (that haven’t been caused by serious injury) can be resolved often with happy results by addressing the toxin issue and killing infections with a frequency generator. So, an alternative therapy could be a useful adjunct to minimise the side effects of conventional medicine. Do your homework before making big decisions.


Experience tells me, that you can make a positive difference to your health. All it may take is changes to your diet and using alternative therapies that work.

I asked a surgeon once, “What causes cysts under the eyelid?” I asked a hospital doctor, “What causes loss of taste? The doctors I asked didn’t know. I did some research and found that cysts under the eyelid may be caused by a Vitamin E deficiency. Next time a cyst appeared, I tried the vitamin E. It worked. The cyst disappeared. This time without an operation.

When my elderly mother could no longer taste her food, on trying to find a cure for loss of taste, I discovered a possible cause, zinc deficiency. She took zinc and got her sense of taste back. I was also told that she had heart failure (an ongoing condition and was on drugs for the condition). At one point she was taken into hospital with breathing difficulties. They removed two drugs. The breathing problems stopped.  Eighteen months later, after taking CoQ10, Magnesium and Vitamin E also changing her diet to a more healthy one and lowering her sugar intake, I was told that it must have been a misdiagnosis, the medical profession couldn’t find any signs of heart failure.

When I tried to find a cure for migraines, I bought a book (The Cure for All Diseases by Hulda Clark) followed instructions, bought an electronic gadget called a zapper and took Alpha Lipoic Acid and Histidine for about 6 weeks. The Migraines took three months to go completely, but they went away. I haven’t had them for over years. (The zapper also got rid of two other health conditions IBS and arthritis in my fingers.) After buying a frequency generator a previous diagnosis of Spondylitis (following Xrays) seemed to melt away. The last Xray of my neck showed no spondylitis.  Why not draw on the knowledge of others when you are trying to find ways to relieve your symptoms.


Some doctors write books, have You Tube videos, engage in TV interviews and own websites. We should never assume that every doctor’s or alternative therapist’s knowledge is identical. Some have an insatiable appetite to find a cure too. The difference is that not all governments allow doctors to give advice on alternative medicine too. They are also not allowed to claim that they have cured their patients.) If research works for smaller health issues why not more serious ones. The more you read and learn, the more you are able to sort the good advice from the bad. Knowledge can empower you to help yourself and others,only if you have the courage to act upon it. Try typing your health condition into You Tube. Look for videos by Doctors who have treated large numbers of patients and have written books on their chosen subject. Look for peer reviews of their work or combined presentations with other trustworthy doctors.

Dr Charles Majors, one of the authors of  the book, ‘The Cancer Killers‘ asked for help from other doctors using alternative therapies and discovered Multiple Myeloma is treatable. So if you want to find help for Multiple Myeloma, why not buy the book and learn from the experience of this doctor.

Do we not learn from personal stories in every other avenue of our lives, why not medicine?  The answers are out there. Don’t give up your search.