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 helps you research alternative therapies and find a cure and cause for illnesses that seem elusive. Our aim is to pass on the knowledge, wisdom and experience of doctors and alternative therapists. We hope  that you WILL find a cure for your health issues. We’re not medical doctors. This is not medical advice. For that you will need to see a doctor. So let’s  examine the choices that we face when hoping to find a cure.


Find a Cure using Conventional Treatments

It’s common practice  to scour the internet to find a cure for cancer or other health problems. Going down the conventional medicine route, the jury is still out on many health issues. Whilst conventional treatments use protocols for controlling symptoms and in some cases repairing a health issue, they often fall short when being able to answer your questions as to why you became ill in the first place. (This leaves you vulnerable to a re-occurrence of symptoms following treatment.) A comprehensive diagnosis of the likely cause of your condition becomes vital. Is it possible to find a truly viable cure if you don’t know the cause? From a drug companies point of view, when searching for a cure for cancer or other health issues, it must be perceived to be financially viable. This makes foods and natural substances such as herbs, vitamins and minerals (which cannot be patented) out of the reach of drug Companies.

Many conventional ‘cures’ use strong drugs with powerful side-effects. These drugs can potentially cause harm (ask to read the label). This can lead to on-going health issues or even an eventual total breakdown of specific bodily functions. (Ever heard of chemo brain or liver damage caused by chemo?) It may be asked then, if I find a cure and it causes harmful side-effects, is it really a cure? Doctors and hospitals can be extremely useful. However,  if you have tried to find a cure for cancer or another health issue and have stumbled across alternative therapies that work  for you, it will have empowered you to take control of your own health.

Many have claimed to find a cure for cancer in their case, or have claimed to find a cure for other diseases, sometimes accidentally. (Although, legally they are not allowed to say it is a cure if they used alternative therapies.) Why is it then that people who solve their own health problems are not believed?  It’s always put down to some other reason. Whereas if doctors or drug companies are able to cure a disease, it’s front page news.

So what are your choices? Where do you begin your search for a cure for your health problems? Keep your options open when you need to find a cure. Don’t rule out the help that doctors, hospitals and conventional treatments can give, as and when necessary. However, if time is on your side you may choose to find a cure using alternative therapies. Even if your time is limited, these natural remedies for cancer have the potential to provide relief.

Find a Cure using Alternative Therapies

Nature has provided many substances which could help you find a cure for cancer or other health issues. Alternative therapies often use these substances to great effect. It’s all about choices though, as there are so many. One sad fact though, is that many search for alternative therapies only when conventional ones have failed. At times, the damage has already been done and there is a desperate hope that alternative therapies will work. Here are a few questions that you will need answers to, if you are hoping to find a cure for cancer or another health issue using alternative therapies.

Q. How do I choose Alternative Therapies that will work best in my case?

Be accurate with your diagnosis before trying to find a cure. First look for qualified doctors who also use alternative therapies. If they are hard to find, look abroad if you are able. Alternatively, look for qualified alternative therapists with a lot of experience. Choose someone who has been able to make a big difference with your health condition in others. Look for recommendations to the Alternative Therapist via other credible practitioners or people who have had experience with their clinic.

Q. How can I be sure that Alternative Therapies will have no side effects?

As with drugs, you can never be one hundred percent sure as your body terrain will be unique. However, you can minimize the side-effects of alternative therapies by ensuring that you don’t take anything that you know you have an allergy to. Check labels too. Search the internet for the experiences of others using alternative therapies. Look for feedback from those who have used this particular alternative therapy, as to its effectiveness or side-effects. Take a very low dose first and slowly build it up to the correct dose when you are confident that it is doing no harm. Research Herxheimer reactions. Sometimes this happens when you begin to make a difference to your health.

Q. Will Alternative Therapies interfere with any drugs that I am on?

First, look at the instruction label that comes with your drugs. Does it mention any substances that should not be taken with it? Next, look at the drug manufacturers website. Sometimes they mention side-effects on their website that are not on the leaflet. Alternatively, ask a chemist. Remember, to mention any drugs that you are taking to the person that is prescribing the alternative medicine. In most cases if it is a substance usually found in a food or naturally occurs in your body, it is likely to be safe if taken in the correct dosages. If you find a cure, it will only help if you are able to take it as intended.

Q. How can I be sure that Alternative Therapies don’t contain harmful substances?

Choose a source that preferably uses Syncrometer testing to ensure that the product does not contain harmful substances. These manufacturers are meticulous at ensuring your safety. Read labels. Choose alternative therapies and supplements that have the least number of additives (preferably none). Usually, the purer the supplement, the more effective it is, providing it is in the correct dose. (This is unless other substances have been added that are natural and improve its effectiveness.) Sometimes, some vitamins or minerals need to be taken with others for it to work effectively. So if you decide to take a vitamin or mineral, first check whether you need to take another vitamin or mineral alongside it.

Q. How can I minimize the cost of Alternative Therapies?

What is needed is a starting point that doesn’t take hours, weeks, months and years to research. This website has been designed to help you research causes, find  cures and give you the best possible chance to restore your health. You will find references to other websites that will give you specific information as to alternative therapies that work. This will help you minimize the cost in time, energy and money when searching for alternative therapies that will work best in your case.

Whatever your feelings are on conventional medicine or alternative therapies, you need to remember, that people however well meaning they may be are human and susceptible to making mistakes. So remember the rule: First do no harm. When trying to find a cure, ask:

  1. Will my chosen treatment damage my health?
  2. Could there be a permanent side-effect that may well be irreversible?
  3. Have I been told all of the possible side-effects or are they being hidden from me?
  4. If I take this, what is the worst that can happen?
  5. If the worst that can happen is that it doesn’t work, can I afford the time, money or effort to try this treatment?
  6. Do I need to do some extra homework before making my decision?

To search and find a cure for cancer or another of your own personal health issues using alternative therapies, is a noble pursuit. It can be very rewarding to take control of your own health, especially if you find a cure.



The information on this website is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.